Green monetary savings


The precise application of the dye dispersion translates to a reduced required volume to be applied. The low volume gives tremendous savings in water, dye, chemistry and waste water. Fixation of the dye can be performed with drastically reduced energy consumption due to the low amount of liquid needed to be heated.

Water Savings >90%

Savings in water is due to the low liquid ratio of 0.5 litre per kilo fabric reducing the water consumption.

Waste water savings >90%

Savings in waste water is a result of all dye dispersion required being used and only 20 litre being required for wash at changeovers. 

Energy savings >90%

Savings is due to the low liquid content in the fabric that minimizes the energy required for heating and shorten the time needed

for fixation.

Chemistry savings >90%

Savings in chemistry is due to the low liquid ratio and the spray process requiring considerably less chemistry.

Dye savings up to 30%

Savings in dye is due to the precise application and efficient fixation of dye. 

Above example of possible savings are based on a comparison to a Jet dying machine using a 5:1 liquid ratio. Actual savings will vary depending on process to be replaced and fabric type. Contact imogo to hear more about possible savings for you.