imogo brings hi-precision spray application of dye and finishing chemistry to the textile industry. The patented Pro Speed valve technology delivers unmatched performance. Spray application has been the norm in other process industries for decades. imogo has adopted the technology to meet the specific demands in the textile dyeing and finishing processes. The high frequency up to 80hz PWM control of the valve enable a very controlled spray application that seamless adopts to any change in speed. This results in a homogenous controlled application along and across the fabric.

The controlled application of the functional liquid to the textile web will dramatically reduce the water consumption. Reduced amounts of water will reduce the need for energy for heating the water.


imogo spray bleaching. Configured for stand-alone or integrated application. 



imogo spray dyeing. Configured for stand-alone or integrated application. 



Specially configured solution for sustainable textile finishing. Stand alone or integrated in existing line.   


Laboratory spray applicator for R&D work or spray recipe development and verification. Compatible with all imogo spray solutions.