About imogo

About imogo


imogo is an innovation company with focus on sustainable production processes, primarily in the textile industry. The company started in 2018 around an innovative new process for dyeing textile materials. This process will, when implemented, dramatically reduce the wasteful use of water, chemistry and energy in the textile dyeing process. Innovation is the core of imogo and always present in everything we do. Our ambition is, through cooperation with innovative Swedish technology companies also working on sustainable textile processes, to create additional value for our customers. We aim to develop sustainable solutions for the textiles industry contributing to solving the most urgent challenge of our time, climate change.



imogo vision

Textile dyeing in harmony with the local and global environment.



imogo mission

Innovation through the passion of business and technology for the good of the planet.

The imogo team

The Imogo team has a strong passion for technology and business. For the benefit of our children and coming generations we are devoted to combine this passion with a commitment to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Per Stenflo
Ellinor Niit

Joacim Wellander

CEO & Technology


Joacim has a Master of science degree from Chalmers University of Technology
and is a cofounder of imogo AB. Joacim has many year’s experience from
leading technical and commercial positions in international companies.

Let us help you

Email: joacim.wellander@imogo.com

Phone: +46 793475959

Per Stenflo

Sales and Finance


Per is a cofounder of imogo AB and has many year’s experience from commercial leadership in an international company with high focus on global exports.

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Email: per.stenflo@imogo.com

Phone: +46 793399977

Ellinor Niit

Textile Process Expert


Ellinor is a textile engineer with environmental commitment and many years of industrial experience and knowledge from textile processing and development of textile products. 

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Email: ellinor.niit@imogo.com

imogo partners

Swedish School of Textiles, Textilhögskolan